of the antyphayes

This is my new blog, one half of my intentional internet presence. Watch out for notes from the sinister quarter, my other blog focused on left communist and situationist theory and practice.

For my first post I have decided to put up two cut-ups I made, respectively, on the 2nd and 1st of March 2002. The first, (Remote Self-Portrait at 10-43 Seconds) x A, I often use as an avatar, for instance linked to my gmail account. The second, Remote Self-Portrait X, is a companion piece which was the result of the scraps of the first. As you can see I have used Self Portrait X as the source of the header image of this blog. Even though (Remote Self-Portrait at 10-43 Seconds) x A was conceived and started before Remote Self-Portrait X, it was completed shortly after.

The image used as the basis for these cut-ups was a scan of a photo of me from December 1993 when I was living in a house on Majura Avenue, Ainslie. I took the photo sitting in the arm chair in the lounge room on what was, perhaps, a hot and lonely summer day in Canberra. The scan was made in 1995, most likely early Winter, in the ANU Students’ Association on what was then a new technological device (to me at least). It took a while to complete the low-res scan. At the time I was preparing scans of photos for a large cut-up to be used for my zine in preparation, Friction As A Social Process, published later in 1995. Hopefully I will have a scan of this zine up in the not to distant future.

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