the mouth the anomalous 3

In February 2010 I published the first issue of :: the mouth :: the anomalous :: tales from the other world. By the beginning of 2010 I found that I had written a lot of science fiction in the recent past, mostly poems and what are now called ‘micro-stories.’ I still prefer the term ‘stories’ for its simplicity and implicit rejection of the never ending signification of novelty in an otherwise bland and over stuffed market in cultural commodities. They are stories after all, just not as amenable to being turned into money (not that this has stopped the petty-bourgeois of dreams). Anyway rather than waiting until I pulled myself together to put out a zine over stuffed with cultural anti-commodities I decided to put out a small zine with a few things. The idea was to put them out fairly often, though 30 months on I have produced the grand total of three. There are too many things calling on our attention in this world so why work too hard adding to the burden of consumption? Above is the cover of issue three of TMTA which was released in July 2011. Over the next three days I will put up the first two issues as well. Prepare to be dazzled by tales of the far out and gone in…

:: the mouth :: the anomalous :: tales from the other world no. 3 july 2011

now available here.

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