Poetry Induction-field Generator

Poetry Induction Field Generator

So, you agree with Isidore Ducasse that poetry should be made by all, but…

You’re too tired?

Overwhelmed by alienation?

Easily bored and barely primed for some easy listening or viewing?

Well, your worries are over! Now available, the Poetry Induction-field Generator®, exclusively from Everyday Freedoms (Ltd). We’ve taken the existential ache out of praxis and fashioned a device that automatically compensates for a life thoroughly organised and emptied by boring work and injunctions to consume. All you have to do is strap it on and hold on tight! This is one ride you’ll have trouble remembering only because you will finally forget your miserable life.

In order to make the Poetry Induction-field Generator® the greatest experience of this or any life, we have gone back to basics in our quest for the distilled truth of a non-alienated existence. To that end we have ensured the best possible use of our unique device with our patented “quadri-logic”™ field effectuators. Taking Immanuel Kant at his word (for what other choice do we have?), we have included four precision engineered dials each marked respectively ‘Space’, ‘Time’, ‘Quality’ & ‘Quantity’. Via the nuanced manipulation of these delicate instruments one can ensure if not the best of all possible worlds, most certainly a better one than this one—or at least a remarkable facsimile of one!

The Poetry Induction-field Generator®: because freedom is just too hard.™

Brought to you by the same people who guaranteed that you would die of boredom long before you will die of starvation.

* note that Poetry Induction-field Generators® must be worn permanently to ensure proper functioning.

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