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Gerald Keaney's interventions


The follow entry is taken from a forthcoming catalogue.

Gerald Keaney (b.1966)

Homage to Rose Cook: (2013) (two details).

Found object (objet trouve) composed of all observable matter and energy, 9.082×1028 cms (high) x 9.082×1028 cms (wide) x 9.082×1028 cms (depth). The work is not and cannot be present in any gallery, rather all known galleries are present in the work.

Thanks to Nick Risinger,, for assistance with the larger detail.

Notes: A work based on the artist’s reading of William Paley. The artist’s signature that converted the entire observable universe into a work of art is inscribed on a Morton Bay fig somewhere in Newfarm Park, Brisbane. Because the artwork includes all existing human artworks, poems etc, as well as those produced by non-terrestrial/alien artists within a 46 billion light year radius, it has been disqualified from entering several major portraiture prizes…

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