Plagiarism for all, not just boring poets!

from the conclusion:

“we begin to find a real alternative to the plagiarism of Nunn and Slattery, and indeed any plagiaristic activity which by merely aping the ideology of the bourgeois ‘atom’ reinforces a false account of all creative activity. The truth is that all creative activity is always collaborative even in its most apparently individual manifestations. No doubt such collaboration can be more or less direct, more or less proximate; but surely when we work through means of a language which is the common elaboration of its speakers both present and past, not to mention the patently social nature of contemporary capitalist productive activity, the concept of plagiarism far from being opaque or confused becomes clear: it is at the heart of all creative practices, whether it is declared or not. The real problem we face then is not the conceptual nuances of plagiarism but rather the practical problems…

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