Something goes wrong on Uranus

Two weeks ago we got together on a Saturday night and decided to make a film rather than watch one. From collaborating on the theme, writing a minimal script and then shooting the film in its final sequence (in camera editing), we spent no more than two hours making this unalloyed gem. Of course the pleasures to be had were drawn from the process of playing with friends in the front garden on a dark suburban Saturday night. This film is merely the residue of these moments forever past.

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4 Responses to Something goes wrong on Uranus

  1. Ace says:

    Awesome blog if you donate a dollar I will help fund or promote you. Please donate here

    • Vince says:

      NO! Donate a dollar to me and I will help fund or promote you!

      Like Ace, however, I cannot both fund AND promote… just fund OR promote.

      For two dollars, I could potentially fund AND promote but it is difficult to say given the uncertainty regarding the looming Carbon Tax and Mining Tax repeals.

      Full disclosure: I am Australian-based (I’m not sure where Ace is located).

  2. antyphayes says:

    Dude, he offered ME the deal – so BACK OFF. Ace, if indeed you are going to fund, promote, or fund AND promote ME, here I am, in or-stralia. Though I’m not sure if I can afford the dollar.

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