Doctor Shamass, 1897

Dr Shamass 1897What’s going on here? Another Shamass card? How many more of them are there!

Well may you ask. A potentially infinite sequence, or at the very least a very very large one. This is the third from 2010. There are another two to archive and then the latest one yet to be released. It is so exciting I can barely contain myself, my entrails, the fluff collecting in my belly button, etc. The anniversary year of Shamass… or is that the Doctor? I can never remember, always confusing the one or the other.

This card was inspired by something. Mars, or more specifically the fictional Mars that was revealed by the space probes of the 1960s and 70s (in particular the Mariner series). The US Air Force map prepared for the upcoming Mariner fly-bys in the 1960s still had canals marked on it. Revealed to be utterly fictional – the canals at least. Still, the fictional one persists. No doubt in many universes in the mulitverse there are planets called Mars with the remnants of canals and the crumbling ruins of a long dead civilization become decadent. Today their unwitting descendents eke out a living in the deserts and the rotten splendor that was un-ruined Mars, Barsoom, etc.

The less than fictional Pukará de Quitor and the Atacama desert have roles to play in this story.

To access just click on the picture above or these words. And sail these strange ways, or not.

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