Doctor Shamass, 1896 – Part 1

Dr Shamass 1896 (1)Here it is: the beginnings of an epic, a vast tapestry of events, woven from the finest of gossamer thoughts, and all completely fictional (or so I am told). It begins in the year 2011 via the year 1896 (also fictional, alas). For those dedicated students of Shamassolgy (who prefer, so I have been told, to be called Shamarsions) there is much to cram in before the events of the previous year’s card (set in the paradoxical futurity of 1897), not to mention the ominous misfortunes that awaits our hero at the turn of the century. But like another traveller beloved of yore, and with the help of conjectural distortions in the space-time continuum, an aetheric space program without equal was or will be established sometime in the nineteenth century, or the century before — one can never be quite sure. Indeed all of this is yet to come or perhaps more likely has passed long ago. There are those that condemn these cosmic shenanigans as merely the product of a fevered dream, but that would be too simple, too straightforward, and too redolent of the mundane heat of a century and more of industrial torture passed off as the opening of freedom.  As one remarkable philosopher of days yet to come has put it, this is how we will become what we will be.

To access just click on the picture above or these words.

Then sit back, take Mr. Elisha Gray’s device off the hook, release your man servant from domestic service (before it is too late), prepare yourself a stiff concoction of enervating effects, and enter the world of Doctor Shamass of the year 1896 (part one)…

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