Doctor Shamass, 1896 – Part 2

Dr Shamass 1896 (2)This is the second part of a ongoing Shamass story. The first part was published in the Shamass card of 2011.

In my introduction to the first part I was less than clear (“one can never be quite sure”) so consider this an attempt to redress that. To clarify some of the babble. The events of this ongoing story (Shamass, 1896) is set in the year before the card published in 2010 (Shamass, 1897). I promise to resolve this detail; a promise to the observant as least. The question is, how does one get shipwrecked in the Antarctic, thrown through the centre of the Hollowed Earth, not to mention the resolution of the aforementioned in the up-coming Shamass card, and then embark for the Martian deserts – all in the space of a year? Did I mention this was fiction? Perhaps not, “one can never be quite sure”.

To return to the present card. It contains a handy summary of the events of the first part:

Previously on A Christmas Tale of H. B. Shamass, Lord Jacks & ass., nemesis par excellence, captured our hero and transported him to the southernmost continent for nefarious ends. As all loyal readers know, such is the case even though this noble blackguard had never yet figured in the back catalogue. Shipwrecked on an icy shore, Shamass, Jacks & some remaining ass. approach the Antarctic plateau and the mysterious entry to the lair of the most enigmatic of souls: Saint Rouge. Now read on.

Unfortunately I did not release a hard copy of the 2012 Shamass card – aka A Christmas Tale of H. B. Shamass, 1896 (cont.). A victim of its late completion (new year’s eve) and the resultant lack of drive to produce such. So it has only existed electronically (as far as I know).

This year I will produce the third part in both ‘hard’ and electronic forms. Stay tuned for more details on that.

To access just click on the picture above or these words.

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