Turbulence in the Fourth Dimension

“When five intrepid explorers find the remains of a conversation they immediately set forth on the turbid sea of video production.”

Another night’s effort, followed by a day or so chopping and changing. And for the studious critic, here is the script:

I’ve been on planet Earth for a period independent of the Sun / My destination is independent of the Sun / I am independent of the Sun / My form changes with the night / Here there is shelter from the space storm / The meteor shower / When I open my eyes I think about myself / Thinking about thing-king / Over thinking / das Nachdenken / Beware of artists — they intuitively understand what is wrong with work / Washers are redundant / There is no avant-garde / I do not posit some Golden Age / There was no Golden Age / A vacuum built and that is all / Lovecheese sausage vegans.

If in doubt, press play. Always press play.

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