Groovecats Floppy Disk Single (1997?) (with Gerald Keaney)

Groove Cats jam

The ’Cats jamming c. Summer of 1994/95 in Turner, A.C.T., Australia

Gerald Keaney has archived a “floppy disc single” that he and I put out under the name The Groovecats. However despite the year appended I reckon that we released this floppy single in 2000, or maybe even 2003 (I have a vague memory of typing up the Introduction in Brisbane in the Winter of 2003). But I could be wrong.

The Introduction I wrote for Gerry’s story on the floppy single  was largely a détournement of an article by Roland Barthes on Alain Robbe-Grillet. I had been reading Robbe-Grillet on and off since 1997-ish, but I recall a spike in 2003. Strangely I had begun reading Robbe-Grillet initially because of Guy Debord’s hostility toward Robbe-Grillet, particularly in his piece One More Try if you Want to be Situationists. Robbe-Grillet’s fiction is ok, but is certainly no improvement on the experiments of the pre-Second World War avant-garde. Just so many formal exercises – hardly experiments considering their historical provenance – for the burgeoning post-war market in readers and paper backs. But I digress.

The song on the floppy single, This Song Is An Instrumental, was recorded over the Southern summer of 1994/95, so it well could have been released in 1997. But I don’t believe it was. There is also a cleaner version of this song floating around somewhere, which was recorded in 1997 (perhaps explaining the confusion?), but as far as I know it is not on the web.

This is from Gerald’s blog:

In 1997 Ant Hayes and I were trying to get our experimental absurdist band The Groovecats happening. The year before we had played a great gig in some Brunswick pub in Melbourne and we wanted to keep up the momentum. We thought it might be a cool idea to put out some stuff on a bunch of 3.5″ B drives that were among the junk that had already accumulated at my parents comparatively new house in Kaleen, Canberra.  The disks came with A and B side folders and a folder of writing.

The music had to be short and lo-fi: you couldn’t put much on those disks.

The A-Side is here

The B-side is here

The writing was two pieces. Ant wrote an introduction (here) to a piece I had written (here). My piece was supposed to be a kind account of a pure positivist taking a nature walk. Not sure if I read before or after I penned it that George Eliot had tried something similar. As I recall from my researchers Eliot attempted her piece with (of course) a bit more subtly  than had I, and (also predictably) she had been less influenced by science fiction. Guess Eliot pre-dates the really strict logical positivism of the 20th century, not to mention the extreme dystopian tendencies of aforementioned 100 year period.

There was also a graphic associated with the the single – I am tracking this down.

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