Doctor Shamass, 1896 – Part 3

Shamass 2013

This is the third part of an ongoing Shamass story. The second part was published in the Shamass card of 2012, and the first part was published in the Shamass card of 2011.

To access just click on the picture above or these words.

As I wrote in an earlier blog entry,

The events of this ongoing story (Shamass, 1896) is set in the year before the card published in 2010 (Shamass, 1897). I promise to resolve this detail; a promise to the observant as least. The question is, how does one get shipwrecked in the Antarctic, thrown through the centre of the Hollowed Earth, not to mention the resolution of the aforementioned in the up-coming Shamass card, and then embark for the Martian deserts – all in the space of a year? Did I mention this was fiction? Perhaps not, “one can never be quite sure”.

Because the second part, from 2012, was never printed and distributed in hard form, I decided to return with a fury in 2013. No less than 100 cards were printed (let’s write that out in full: one hundred cards… wow… italics… so cool…). Incredibly there are still many, many, many cards left (of one hundred!), so if you act fast you could be one of the lucky readers of these words to also have a hardy copy of Shamass in your sweaty hands. But don’t forget: act fast. Good now I’ve said it twice you are sure not to fuck up and try and track down a copy from me while, say, researching some stupid essay come 2054 about the early web.

But to return to the story actually at hand: today announces the appearance of part 3 in the infosphere, pseduoplace, whateverville of the interwebs.

This was also my first Shamass zine/card to be announced by an extensive adverting campaign featuring a poster and an announcement of the poster across the far reaches of the electronic media.

To recap. In part 1,

Lord Jacks & ass., nemesis par excellence, captured our hero and transported him to the southernmost continent for nefarious ends. As all loyal readers know, such is the case even though this noble blackguard had never yet figured in the back catalogue. Shipwrecked on an icy shore, Shamass, Jacks & some remaining ass. approach the Antarctic plateau and the mysterious entry to the lair of the most enigmatic of souls: Saint Rouge.

In part 2,

Doctor Shamass, Jacks & some remaining ass. find succor in the Lair of Saint Rouge, co-conspirator of Lord Jacks. But wait, Saint Rouge is not in league with Jacks, he is a saltwort friend of the good Doctor! Alas Jacks finds out this noble deception and after a brief but decisive struggle throws Shamass into the vast dark of the hollowed out Earth [cf. the diagram on the back of the 1896 (cont.) card].

For those that missed part 2, here is the diagram referred to:

Shamass Plummets to his doom

Really I have very little left to say. Really I have much more to say but would prefer to say it over a beer and a wink at a table or two of dancing feather jackets

“a bier and a wink at a tamble or two of dancing feather jackets.”

This is get silly. On to the story.

And don’t forget, Read it like this: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Or not, as you please

There will be yet a Part 4. Look out for the hard copy in December 2014.

Almost forgot:

PS. There is a XXXXXXXX reference somewhere on the card. A night of conversation for anyone who can find it. And then some.

PPS. There may not be.

PPPS. What is the reference? Conversational correction in class for the first recipient.

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