How many words here?

Above and below: a poem called How many words here? I unveiled this poem in a slightly different form at the Canberra Poetry Slam last Friday, 28 March 2014. The night was boozy and fun. The stand out performance was a poem by Benjo on the subject of his mysteriously tattooed body. The feature poet Catherina Behan demanded attention with poetic communiques of sensual and serious import.

I decided to play around with my poem a bit more and then film it, which you can now peruse thanks to the link to the YouTube video above. Below is the text of the poem.

How many words here

Can you say empousai?

Can you say help me, quickly?

Can you say there is nothing the matter?

Can you say, can you say wack the shut up?

Can you say I don’t understand a thing that you are saying?

Can you say blur blurb blur blurb bleep bleeb blee bleeb blee blee bleep?

Can you say this is a fucking stupid poem!

Can you say enough!

Can you say of this tirade, I am feeling focused?

Can you say pillars of glass rise up in the empty?

Can you say she shells shining shink shoals shoff shenex sheven?

Can you say there is nothing to see here, this poem is over!

And if you are wondering about the Empousai and whatever relevance or not they have for the poem you can do one of two things: search for the term online or check out the video. Or both… that’s three things! And I will leave judgements on their relevance to idle chatter over beers and muesli.

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