the mouth the anomalous 5

tmta 5 front cover

Here it is folks, the fifth issue of :: the mouth :: the anomalous :: tales from the other world. This one has been a few yarons in the making. Some of the content dates back four years & was originally envisaged as appearing in the space year 2012. Sorry for the delay but when one dedicates one’s life to the manipulation of the time vortex, one should expect not so much the unexpected but the expected (of course). Not to mention the habitual breakdown of temporal accumulators centuries old.

In this bumper issue there is plenty to keep the time winds at bay, or at least the semblance of such. Plus bonus Doctor Shamass material including a rarely reprinted story from the swimming sixties.

Now I must bring this rant to a close for in truth it is all that stands between you and the latest,

:: the mouth :: the anomalous :: tales from the other world::
no. 5 nocember 2014

Available here.

And for those of you still reading I have also including a poster variant of the Dr. Shamass comic strip/centrefold in the latest ish. Just click on the image below!

Shamass Poster 2014 thumbprint

Never fear, Doctor Shamass is here! + more. 

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3 Responses to the mouth the anomalous 5

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  2. Aaron says:

    The link to the shamass poster is dead! ripped apart by the time eels!

    • antyphayes says:

      Damn those time eels (though of course they are in fact “pseudo” time eels).

      But lo! What is this? The link works. Most strange…

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