The ship, that rock – part 2

the ship, that rock 2


I ripped these images off from a British SF magazine from the 1950s, Authentic Science Fiction Monthly (nothing fake about this, baby). The changes I made are minor even if they took a while to carry out on good old Gimp. What I loved about the original sequence is that they told a story in images across 5 issues (April to August 1954). At some point in my open plagiarism of the images I decided to incorporate them as an extension of a story published in my zine The Mouth The Anomalous – Issue 5, namely ‘The ship, that rock’ (also available here in it’s original form).

The idea of a starship that never reaches its destination, crewed by one lonely (though socially constituted) soul, haunts my noisy days. Perhaps its got something to do with all of the science fiction I’ve read. Right now I am thinking about an Ursula Le Guin short story called ‘Paradises Lost’ (available in her collection The Birthday of the World).

A third part has been written and will probably appear in the next The Mouth The Anomalous. You can’t wait? Neither can I.

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