Doctor Shamass, 1896 – Part 4


(Will it ever end!? Though I am the right person to ask I am the wrong person to provide the answer. Just trust me on this; or not, as the case may be. The foregoing sentence was just an excuse to use a semi-colon in any case…;)

This is the fourth part of an ongoing Shamass story. The third part was published in the Shamass card of 2013the second part was published in the Shamass card of 2012, and the first part was published in the Shamass card of 2011.

To access Part 4 just click on the picture above or these words.

Part 4 was accompanied by a stunning advertising campaign in the later half of 2014.

Posters appeared over the walls of the cities.

Shamass Poster 2014 thumbprint

And other beings, other mechanical devices spoke of something to someone in some megazine or other.

In sum, Shamass is huge in a series of alternate realties approaching the infinite. Luckily in this one he is right here before your eyes; before your very eyes. Now read on.

And to recap:

In part 1, Lord Jacks & ass., nemesis par excellence, captured our hero and transported him to the southernmost continent for nefarious ends. As all loyal readers know, such is the case even though this noble blackguard had never yet figured in the back catalogue. Shipwrecked on an icy shore, Shamass, Jacks & some remaining ass. approach the Antarctic plateau and the mysterious entry to the lair of the most enigmatic of souls: Saint Rouge.

In part 2, Doctor Shamass, Jacks & some remaining ass. find succor in the Lair of Saint Rouge, co-conspirator of Lord Jacks. But wait, Saint Rouge is not in league with Jacks, he is a saltwort friend of the good Doctor! Alas Jacks finds out this noble deception and after a brief but decisive struggle throws Shamass into the vast dark of the hollowed out Earth [cf. the diagram on the back of the 1896 (cont.) card].

In part 3, Doctor Shamass, flung into the vast and empty void within the (hollow) Earth itself, fell and dreamt of other days and impossible things.

Now read on…

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