Shamass? What!

fig. 1. Could this be Shamass?

It occurs to me that I haven’t updated all of the loyal Shamassians who, for whatever reasons, have failed to receive the last few Shamass cards (new series). Yeah, that’s right folks, there is a NEW SERIES of Shamass cards circulating in the Shamassoverse!

The good news is that they actually exist. The bad… well, there is no bad news in the Shamassoverse, even when there is.

Some of you will be pleased to know that Shamass has moved to the postcard format–see below–having reached the limits of the folded card and christmas cheer. And some of you, no doubt, will be displeased, whether by this or something else.

You will, however, be most pleased to know that the latest series is a direct sequel to that sometimes puzzling, always entertaining Shamass TV episode we unearthed some years back.

It could be that Shamass is slowly making it’s way to a final denouement, either through exhaustion or plan. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, Shamass will end, or pause at least. And in any case, hasn’t he died already?

For those wanting to peruse those other missives and ill-named “adventures”, the Island of Doctor Shamass calls, as ever.

But for now, and in no particular order apart from their necessary one, here is the latest Shamass story from go to penultimate woe. Apart, that is, from the LATEST postcard that circulates, in the fleshy world of non-virtual objects, even as I write these words…

fig. 2. The Clockwork Masterplan. Late in 2019, where it all begins. Or ends. Or something.
fig. 3 & 4. The next phase in the saga, arrived circa early 2020…
fig. 5 & 6. and the next at the very end of that year…
fig. 7 & 8. and the next, as 2021 drew to a close.
and then…?
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    Meanwhile, just when you thought you’d never hear of Dr. Shamass again…

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