Here are links to pdfs of all of my zines (made by/participated in). Most of the zines done before computron technology made it easier to make electronic copies available have yet to be scanned. Soon my pretties, soon. I was still making hard copy originals for photocopying as late as 1997 (the first version of The Journal of Doctor Shamass for instance). To quote another zinester: “I may make […] a late-life masterpiece. […] Watch out for it.”

Crossed out titles indicate that they are currently unavailable.

This page will be updated…


Dr Shamass, 1896 – Part 4 — 2014

Dr Shamass Poster (2) — 2014.

the mouth the anomalous 5 — 2014.

the mouth the anomalous 4 — 2014.

you are nowhere — 2014. Criticism of the commercialisation of the artistic ‘fringe’ with particular reference to the You Are Here festival in Canberra. Defence of Aktion Surreal (1991-94) and the ANU Occupation of 1994 as an alternative to the commercialisation of the arts. I have written a response to criticisms of it.

Dr Shamass, 1896 – Part 3 — 2013.

Dr Shamass Poster (1) — 2013.

Dr Shamass, 1896 – Part 2 — 2012.

We Are Everywhere — 2012

Dr Shamass, 1896 – Part 1 — 2011. In the beginning it seemed like such a great idea…

the mouth the anomalous 3 — 2011.

Blam! Blam! Blam! — 2011

Dr Shamass, 1897 — 2010.

SituationXNOrmal — 2010

Manifest Yourself — 2010

the mouth the anomalous 2 — 2010.

How to Achieve More Stuff in the Future (the ULF) — 2010

the mouth the anomalous 1 — 2010. My take on the something age of sf.


Dr Shamass, 1903 — 2009.

Dr Shamass, 1859 — 2008. And Shamass is continued, finally (he was always spinning somewhere)

The Journal of Doctor Shamass, ed. 2 — 2008. yah! Shamass reprinted!

No Poetry for the Enemies of Poetry — 2004. First solo effort in 7 years.

Destructivist Position on Militarism & Higher Education

Walk the Plank 2

Walk the Plank 1

Destructivist Manifesto

This Is Not A Commodity — 2001. Response to S11 protests, comrades in Sydney, Woolongong, Canberra, Melbourne and Prague, with a dash of surrealo-situationist shenanigans, late 2000, first half of 2001.

The Gypsy Bar Anthology

Spacefish Anthology

Brand X

The City Project 2

Red 2 — 1999? 2000? This is the work mostly of “spacefish”. I contributed and hung out with these guys. We did lots of cut-ups and poems and stuff.


Red 1


The City Project 1

Aussie Rhyming Slang (1997) (with Gerald Keaney)

Surreal Man & Automatic Boy comix (random [un]distro {with Gerald Keaney})

The Groove Cats Floppy Disc Single — 1997? The music was recorded in 1994 the text in 2003…

The Journal of Doctor Shamass – first edition

The Banality of C.U.N.T.

The Surrealist Revolt — 1997. First and only zine of the ‘Surrealist Group at the ANU’. A late response to the decline of Aktion Surreal (1991-94).

Friction as a Social Process — 1995. Professionally printed zine. Had a lot of fun assembling it. 

O-Week Manifesto

Red Scare (2 or more issues)

… A Post-Modern Primer — 1993. Left over bits from a busy year. Intentionally fragmented. Some ok stuff in there among the detritus.

Front Jugged 1 — 1993 (?). To win back Aktion Surreal for revolutionary Surrealism!

Hymn of Joy, Vigour & Passion — 1993. The “song book” of me old band Sex-Pol.

Some Songs to Offend By

Aktion Surreal no. 3

Revolution collector cards

Action Surreal no. 1


Christmas Card 1987

Allesquieu’s Ballroom Quartet

Christmas Card 1986


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