I have split my original blog (now defunct but partially archived over at the wayback machine) in two. This one, of the antyphayes, I have created with the intention of archiving the last 20+ years of my experiences with science-fiction, ‘literary’ surrealism and dada, and other forms of broadly fictional creative activity. The other blog, notes from the sinister quarter, is the site of revelations pertaining to my ongoing involvement with left communist theory and practice, and in particular my short term goal of writing a book on the Situationist International between the years of 1960 and 1963.

Originally of the antyphayes was conceived exclusively as an archive blog. The intention was to make available many of the publications associated with the performance art group Aktion Surreal (1992-94), as well as the work of other groups and individuals in the aftermath of Aktion Surreal. That is still my intention but reconfigured with regards to not only my past activity but also ongoing participation in performance art and the publication of zines.

I can be contacted at: antyphayes@gmail.com

Anthony Hayes

Canberra, Australia

August 2012

[updated 5 April 2016]


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